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An extraordinary collection of contemporary art jewelry. 

Unique design & master craftsmanship join an amazing array of precious & semi precious stones set in sterling silver & gold. A must see! 

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13 products found in Sue Woy Collection

Azurite-Malachite Silver and Gold Pendant
  • $875.00
Opal and Sapphire in 18k Gold Pendant
  • $800.00
Sugilite, Black Onyx 18K Gold and Sterling Bracelet
  • $900.00
Chrysocolla Silver and Gold Pendant
  • $600.00
Banded Agate and Pearl Silver and Gold Pendant
  • $675.00
Tourmaline Matrix Silver and Gold Pendant
  • $600.00
Blister Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst Earrings
  • $375.00
Chinese Writing Stone Earrings
  • $275.00
Tabra Vintage Onyx Sterling Silver Earrings
  • $395.00
Rhodonite and Shungite Rope Necklace
  • $325.00
Amazonite and Shungite Rope Necklace
  • $350.00
Dichroic Glass and Heishi Bead Necklace
  • $650.00
Sugilite Amethyst and Tanzanite Silver and Gold Pendant
  • $1,900.00