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Eclat by Sylvi Harwin

Since 1981, Sylvi Harwin has anodized and handcrafted an ever-changing line of colorful, whimsical aluminum jewelry, accessories, mobiles and convertible mobiles and tableware. Her work is represented in museum shops and galleries nationwide, and abroad. She specializes in asymmetric jewelry for the fun at heart!
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8 products found in Eclat by Sylvi Harwin

Sylvi Harwin Asymmetric Earrings
  • $56.00
Sylvi Harwin Moon Star Earrings
  • $24.00
Sylvi Harwin Circle Swirl Earrings
  • $24.00
Sylvi Harwin Circle Aluminum Necklace
  • $108.00
Sylvi Harwin Asymmetric Earrings Polka Dot Hearts
  • $47.00
Sylvi Harwin Aluminum Bracelet
  • $82.00
Sylvi Harwin Asymmetric Earrings
  • $54.00
Sylvi Harwin Sun Music Earrings
  • $24.00