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  • Tuesday to Saturday: 11 AM to 6 PM
  • Sunday & Monday: 11 AM to 5 PM
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          We are located at:

          721 Sutter Street, Folsom CA, 95630
          Tel: 916.985.7618 

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          Meet the Team

          RAINBOW BRIDGE JEWELERS showcases a wide variety of unusual jewelry with an emphasis on art from the whimsical to the powerful. Rainbow Bridge offers an alternative to the traditional jewelry store. Our intriguing selection of stones and materials opens endless possibilities for bold looks at reasonable prices.

          Rainbow Bridge Jewelers is located on Sutter Street, in historic Folsom, California. We distinguish ourselves from other jewelry stores by carefully curating the pieces we offer with an eye on fine design, from the inimitable works of Jim Kelly, the fanciful, delicate designs by Holly Yashi, the sparkling detail of Firefly, to the empowering gypsy jewelry by Tabra, all of which turn heads whenever you wear them!

          Watch "Rainbow Bridge Jewelers" on YouTube! This clip features our artist Jim Kelly, telling the story of how he got into making jewelry for a living and offering some sage advice for younger artists.

          Jim Kelly

          Jim Kelly

          Jim Kelly's life long involvement in art turned to jewelry after graduating with an A.B. degree in Art from San Francisco State College. He continues to pursue his interest in painting, drawing and video art while creating unique jewelry pieces in precious metals and stones as well as unconventional materials. Diverse interests and experiences include graphic design for posters, cards, large-scale sign and billboard painting. He served as art and crafts director at two branches of the San Francisco Boy's Club as well as a stint as a taxi driver in San Francisco, California.

          He opened the shop that became Rainbow Bridge Jewelers in the Gold Rush town of Folsom, California in 1978. In the early 1980's, he partnered with the artist, Dorothy Cormack, who now is the chief curator and art director for the gallery. Together they have collaborated on projects including large-scale site-specific balloon sculptures, performance space and stage set designs. They continue to gather images, influences and materials in their travels across the country and to other locales in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

          Dorothy Cormack

          Dorothy Cormack

          Dorothy Cormack has been dubbed a “creative sparkplug” by The Sacramento Bee newspaper. She has stated, “Art creates energy and makes space come alive.” Since becoming co-owner of Rainbow Bridge Jewelers, she puts her artistic beliefs and touch to good use for the store and You. She selects jewelry and wearable art from designers around the world to please the eye and enrich the soul. The walls above the jewelry cases are known as the “Look Up Gallery.” Dorothy utilizes this space for her kinetic sculptures and Jim Kelly’s drawings, paintings and videos, as well as the works of other artists in biannual exhibitions.

          She studied at the Art Institute of Boston, Corning College in New York and earned an A.A. degree in Liberal Arts from Merritt College in Oakland, California. She taught art for the Sacramento City Unified School District briefly before launching herself as a working artist. She continues to create exciting, energizing works.

          Dorothy Cormack has been a driving force in the Sacramento County art world with too many credits to list them all. She has chaired, curated and created many shows in the area. Her works have been shown at Crocker/Kingsley and the California State Fair. Solo exhibitions include the b. sakata garo gallery in Sacramento, California, known for it’s non-commercial exhibitions. Her limited production educational mobiles have been sold in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, The Phillips Collection in D.C. and the Royal Academy in London.

          Dorothy Cormack’s artistic flair is seen in this website and the store. Her enthusiasm brings joy to all with whom she works.