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John Michael Richardson, fashion jewelry designer, blends the cultures of the East and West to create a look completely his own. His artisan crafted designs have origins in the countries from which they are collected and include hand-etched metals from Thailand, hand dyed cabibi shells from the Philippines, crystals from the Czech Republic and semi-precious stones from India. Stamping, plating, soldering and finishing are all done here in the United States and everything is hand assembled in his factory in Rhode Island.
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JMR Out of Sight Earrings
  • $43.00
JMR Loose Change Earrings
  • $30.00
JMR Lunar Orbit Earrings
  • $43.00
JMR Lunar Longing Earrings
  • $45.00
JMR Petite Perspective Earrings
  • $36.00
JMR Songbird Bob Earrings
  • $44.00
JMR Inner Eye Earrings
  • $29.00
JMR Mod Squad Earrings
  • $34.00
JMR Aura Bobs Earrings
  • From $42.00
JMR Aura Round Earrings
  • $28.00
JMR Spiral Miracle Earrings
  • $32.00
JMR Party Peacock Earrings
  • From $41.00
JMR Elephants Gerald Earrings
  • $27.00
JMR Sacred Spiral Earrings
  • $39.00
JMR Living Legend Earrings
  • $48.00
JMR Figgy Drop Earrings
  • $38.00
JMR Good Impression Earrings
  • $44.00
JMR Barococo Drop Earrings
  • $36.00
JMR Wing Sang Wave Cuff Bracelet
  • $46.00
JMR Antigone Bracelet
  • $39.00
JMR Planetary Orb Earrings
  • $48.00
JMR Tall Order Earrings
  • $36.00