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Bridal Collection

Rainbow Bridge Jewelers brings you our bridal jewelry collection with carefully selected pieces for that special occasion.

11 products found in Bridal Collection - Delisch

Cream Colored Button Pearl Sterling Silver Earrings
  • $45.00
Floating Pearl Delicate Necklace Sterling Silver
  • $140.00
Floating Pearls Delicate Necklace 14k Gold Fill Chain
  • $155.00
Tier Pearl 14k Gold Fill Necklace
  • $155.00
Baroque Pearl Tier Necklace Sterling Silver
  • $145.00
Cream Colored Button Pearl 14k Gold Fill Earrings
  • $50.00
Textured Pearl 14k Gold Fill Long Lariat Necklace
  • $475.00
Pearl Long Drop Sterling Silver Earrings
  • $85.00
Baroque Pearl Marquise Wire Earrings
  • From $130.00
Simple Pearl Earrings
  • From $69.00
Tier Cream-Colored Pearl Earrings
  • From $145.00