We are Rainbow Bridge Jewelers - not Rainbow Bridge!

Buyer beware!  There are fraudulent websites claiming to sell the work of many jewelry designers including; Firefly, Holly Yashi, Tabra, Jim Kelly. The perpetrators are overseas and have none of these products to sell or ship.

Make sure you see all three words RainbowBridgeJewelers.

If you go to a website that is claiming to sell items at impossibly low prices then they probably are. They have no product to sell, they only want to steal your financial information. 

Remember, you can call us and talk to a real person at 916 985 7618 during regular business hours. We have one location in Folsom California.

Visiting our website often will increases our ranking on search engines putting us above the bad guys! 

Use code SUPPORTRBJ for one time only 10% discount when making a purchase.

at our website, rainbowbridgejewelers.com is safe and secure.