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Tabra's exquisite jewelry combines sacred symbols with beautiful stones, fossils and carvings to create exotic earrings, tribal pendants, dramatic bracelets, unique rings and the fabulous connector chain and charm collection. Her work is primarily one of a kind jewelry with some limited edition pieces. As an international artist, Tabra Tunoa has built her wonderful collection of precious stones through her travels. She now resides in Costa Rica, with frequent trips to Bali. 


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Tabra Amethyst, Boulder Opal, Abalone and Green Quartz Ring
  • $644.00
Tabra Turquoise, Amethyst, Rhodonite and Pink Tourmaline Ring
  • $398.00
Tabra Abalone and Quartz Inlay with Agate Ring
  • $482.00
Tabra Carnelian, Abalone and Turquoise Ring
  • $460.00
Tabra Bone Buddha with Amber and Abalone Ring
  • $532.00
Tabra Green Tourmaline, Moonstone and Abalone Ring
  • $320.00
Tabra Garnet and Boulder Opal Ring
  • $344.00
Tabra Embossed Sterling Silver and Ruby Ring
  • $196.00
Tabra Chinese Writing Stone and Citrine Ring
  • $286.00
Tabra Abalone and Amber Ring
  • $348.00
Tabra Abalone and Mother of Pearl Inlay with Amber Ring
  • $371.00
Tabra Abalone and Tourmaline Ring
  • $315.00
Tabra Boulder Opal Ring
  • $343.00
Tabra Sugilite and Amethyst Ring
  • $315.00
Tabra Bronze Face with Bindi Ring
  • $343.00
Tabra Bronze Face with Moonstone and Tourmaline Ring
  • $277.00
Tabra Bronze Face and Jaguar with Garnet Ring
  • $389.00
Tabra Moonstone and Garnet Ring
  • $277.00
Tabra Green Quartz Ring
  • $249.00
Tabra Rutilated Quartz Ring
  • $277.00
Tabra Chinese Pottery with Peridot and Tourmaline Ring
  • $348.00
Tabra Chinese Pottery and Citrine Ring
  • $250.00
Tabra Bronze Face with Chinese Pottery Ring
  • $373.00
Tabra Turquoise and Bronze Face Ring
  • $373.00