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Mata Ortiz Pottery by Leonel Lopez Sr.

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"Leonel Lopez Saenz is a potter from Mata Ortiz. He used to be a farmer, working fields in the area. Then the extended drought in the early 1990's ended that. So he began working with his wife, Elena Rodriguez de Lopez, sanding her pots at first but eventually learning the entire process, the same way she had learned it from Manolo Rodriguez, her younger brother. Leonel got so good at it he became one of the most successful potters in Mata Ortiz and now has people copying his signature style.

Leonel will often apply slips to a dried clay body using three or four different colors, then begin his sgraffito process to produce his design. The colors revealed in a scratch depend on the depth of the scratch." from: In the Eyes of the Pot
A Journey into the World of Native American Pottery

Pot measures: 4 3/4" H X 4 1/2" Dia X 12 3/4" C

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