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Jim Kelly Royston Turquoise Pendant


SKU: JK P138

A large, stunning piece of the famous Royston turquoise. Set in a handcrafted sterling silver setting. One of a kind pendant designed and created by Jim Kelly. The turquoise measures 1 1/2" long x 1 3/16" wide (at the widest point). The pendant measures 2 1/4" long (including the bail) x 1 5/8" wide (at the widest point). "History of Royston Turquoise: Royston Turquoise comes from the Royston mining district located near Tonapah, Nevada. 'Royston Turquoise', originally consisted of four old Turquoise claims: Bunker Hill, Easter Blue, Oscar Wehrend, and Royal Blue. Lynn Otteson moved to Tonopah to mine Royston Turquoise in 1958 and the family have been Turquoise Miners since. Royston Turquoise is known world wide for having a wide range of Turquoise colors from a beautiful soft blue to emerald greens. The color of Royston Turquoise often runs together in the same rock which creates some of the most spectacular Turquoise stones on earth. It is believed the Royston District near Tonopah, NV has produced some of the highest quality turquoise in the world. While mining Grant Huntly in the 70's, Royston Turquoise was being sold to Tiffany's of New York and they believe that the Royston District is one of the best Turquoise mining areas in the world." (Source: purpleleopard website)

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