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Mini but mighty, this is the first Tabra Show in years. We have received a treasure chest of Tabra's new work.  Back in February Dorothy  sent semi-precious stones to Tabra for her to create this stunning jewelry collection exclusively for Rainbow Bridge Jewelers.  The Tabra Show is the jewelry that Tabra created from these unique stones. Use code; Tabra24 at check out for you 10% off on all Tabra jewelry.

24 products found in The Tabra Show!

Tabra Hand Carved Face with Charoite and Pink Druzy Pendant
  • $745.00
Tabra Heart Charm with Garnets
  • $340.00
Tabra Ocean Jasper, Peridot and Citrine Charm
  • $415.00
Tabra Bronze Jaguar and Garnet Ring
  • $395.00
Tabra Larimar and Aquamarine Ring
  • $468.00
Tabra Turquoise Sterling Silver Connector Charm
  • $410.00
Tabra Larimar and Picasso Jasper Ring
  • $445.00
Tabra Bronze Jaguar and Dendritic Agate Pendant
  • $660.00
Tabra Large Square Sugilite and Marquise Shaped Phosphosiderite Pendant
  • $560.00
Tabra Turquoise, Black Onyx and Amber Charm
  • $435.00
Tabra K2 and Blue Boulder Opal Charm
  • $398.00
Tabra Dendritic Agate Charm
  • $320.00
Tabra Larimar and Blue Topaz Charm
  • $365.00
Tabra Sugilite Charm
  • $313.00
Tabra Spiny Oyster and Amber Charm
  • $310.00
Tabra Bumble Bee Jasper Charm
  • $335.00
Tabra Large Charoite Square Charm
  • $325.00
Tabra Larimar and Pearl Charm
  • $329.00
Tabra Larimar & Aquamarine Charm
  • $398.00
Tabra Vintage Sun Face Gold Post Earrings
  • $330.00
Tabra Vintage Carved Black Onyx Sterling Silver Post Earrings
  • $210.00
Tabra Vintage Embossed Gold and Silver Desert Hoop Post Earrings
  • $310.00
Tabra Vintage Whimsical Inlayed Post Earrings
  • $289.00
Tabra Vintage Gold and Onyx Earrings
  • $330.00