"Little Black Dress" Collection

You can wear it anywhere and know you look good. Put on a jacket and you’re dressed for any occasion that requires you to feel confident. Dress it up and you’re ready for a date. Sometimes you wear it when you don’t know what to wear. The little black dress is one of the best investments in your closet.

We talk to women about jewelry every day. The “little black dress” idea comes up a lot. Here’s what we hear: “If I’m going to spend money, I want something I can wear with everything, everywhere. The jewelry I wear the most is basic in a good way – it makes me look good. I wear it over and over and never get tired of it.”

We also hear how hard it seems to find those pieces. So we put our heads together and made our own collection of RBJ’s “little black dresses” in sizes and styles that show off your assets without demanding all the attention. We leave that to you.

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