Tabra charms are used to fasten Tabra connector chain. When selecting a charm for the chain, the size of the desired charm needs to be subtracted from the ankle/wrist/neck measurement to give you the correct chain size. If you prefer to wear your connector chain a little looser or tighter, you will need to factor this in. Typically smaller charms suit the smaller connector chains and larger charms work well with larger connector chains, but it is often a personal choice. If you have any questions about sizing, please contact us.

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Tabra Pink Tourmaline, Abalone and Druzy Charm
  • $348.00
Tabra Bronze Face with Amazonite Charm
  • $295.00
Tabra Pink Tourmaline, Sun and Moon Face and Amazonite Charm
  • $380.00
Tabra Moonstone, Larimar, Druzy and Labradorite Charm
  • $373.00
Tabra Citrine and Jasper Charm
  • $355.00
Tabra Emerald and Agate Charm
  • $263.00
Tabra Amethyst and Sugilite Charm
  • $488.00
Tabra Goddess with Onyx and Palmwood Neck Charm
  • $538.00
Tabra Cat's Eye Shell Charm
  • $120.00
Tabra Snakeskin Agate Charm
  • $155.00
Tabra Banded Agate Charm
  • $120.00
Tabra Citrine and Jasper Charm
  • $185.00
Tabra Dinosaur Bone Charm
  • $395.00
Tabra Amber, Abalone, Jasper and Turquoise Charm
  • $320.00
Tabra Moonstone and Sage Agate Charm
  • $210.00
Tabra Tourmaline, Abalone and Labradorite Charm
  • $338.00
Tabra Quartz, Freshwater Pearl and Abalone Charm
  • $288.00
Tabra Tourmaline, Garnet and Chinese Pottery Shard Charm
  • $290.00
Tabra Jasper Charm
  • $170.00
Tabra Onyx, Rhodonite and Tourmaline Charm
  • $230.00
Tabra Mother of Pearl and Ruby Flower Charm
  • $195.00
Tabra Mother of Pearl and Ruby Flower Charm
  • $195.00
Tabra Abalone Sterling Silver Charm
  • $240.00
Tabra Pyrite, Abalone and Amber Charm
  • $388.00